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Holocaust Images

Holocaust Images

Holocaust Images is the title of an ever-expanding collection of sculptures.  It is a memorial to more than six million people, whose lives carried with them genetic and religious lineage that had survived - persecuted as they were - throughout 5,000 years only to be snuffed out and irrevocably terminated during Hitler's reign in World War II.  

Within this collection are many recurrent themes: escape, hiding, capture, imprisonment, death, hope, survival, and memorial.  My purpose is simply to recall a people who could not leave their mark on the world the way in which they would have chosen.  To that end I do not recreate any horrific scenes, but instead, have chosen to remember the victims rather than the perpetrators, and the sadness over the pain.  In creating Holocaust Images I remember my people, always with love and hope and dignity, in a setting of Holocaust.


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Holocaust Images.

"I believe
in the coming
of the Messiah,
I believe
And though
He tarry,
I believe"

12th century.