The Letter

Have you ever prayed to your ancestors? Certainly as Jews we begin many prayers with thoughts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…. Do you ever whisper to family members, perhaps parents or grandparents who are no longer among us?

This sculpture is entitled “The Letter”. On the front side it is Spring, 2002, and a young woman lifts her child to place a letter in the Western Wall. It is a letter to her grandmother, who died in the Holocaust. She has written a thank you to her grandmother for insuring her mother’s escape, and tells about her own life in today’s world.

Turn now to the other side of the sculpture. It is Poland, 1942. An older woman has managed her daughter’s escape to America, but now she herself is trapped. She is hiding in a cave, but knows she will soon be found. She prays that her child will survive. And then she sees a letter caught in the crack of the wall. Who could have placed it there? As she pulls it forth she thinks about a granddaughter and all generations yet to come.

Description:         Terra Cotta
Ht. 10"       L. 8"    W. 11.5"        Wt. 6.75 lbs.


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