Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces is a memorial - not to the Jews who initially survived the Holocaust, and not to the Six Million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.  Rather, it is a memorial to the 12 million who rightfully should have been born from the six million who perished.  And to the 24 million who should have been born from the 12 million.  It is a memorial to all of the lives that should have been.  It is for all of the empty spaces.  On the left of this sculpture there is a time graph.  In the early years the Jewish population was still thriving.  During the war years the Jewish population was decimated.  And now when Jewish families are smaller, and intermarriage more common, one becomes concerned as to what the future may bring.  Still, this piece ends with a sign of hope: a Bar Mitzvah boy holding the Torah and marching proudly into tomorrow.

Description:         Terra Cotta
Ht. 5.5"    L. 17"       W. 16"      Wt. 13.5 lbs.              ( base included)


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