In Memory of a Jewish Child 1932 - 1948

The scene is pleasant.  A little cat eats from a bowl of food on the doorstep.  Birds sing from the rooftops.  An attractive home, number 55 completes the peaceful image.  What does it all mean?  Perhaps it is a facade.  The facade seen by the world during the war years.  Truth?  No.  But too often in life truth is not obvious.  If it is truth you seek then you must turn the corner and look into the darkened alley.  For during the years 1932 to 1948 Jewish children, like the one portrayed in this sculpture, were often thrown out with the trash.  After 1948 the State of Israel existed.  It was not that all orphaned Jewish children ever made it there, but at least a place in this world existed where they were wanted.

Description:         Terra Cotta
Ht. 10"     L. 10.5"   W. 13"      Wt. 4.25 lbs.


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