From behind one can see the outlined shadow of the swastika.  Certainly that is what led this man to the top of the hill.  With certainty it was a Nazi soldier who forced him to dig his own grave.  But having reached that point the old Jewish man was granted one moment to make his peace with God.  Donning his prayer garments, standing in the sunlight, he recites the mourner's prayers (Kaddish).  One can only imagine the wind that began to blow, rippling through his prayer shawl (Tallis) until it flies behind him like the wings of a bird.  And at the moment of his death, just as certainly as his body sinks into the grave, his soul takes flight and ascends to Heaven and God.

Description:         Terra Cotta
Ht. 9.75"  L. 14.25"  W. 14"      Wt. 3.75 lbs.


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