The artist visited Germany in 1997.  The land was beautiful.  It was summer and there were cascading baskets of flowers everywhere.  This sculpture was completed after a visit to the concentration camp Dachau.  It was located in the very center of town.  How could the inhabitants say they did not know what was happening within those walls?  It is incomprehensible.  Taking "poetic license", the artist re-created the feelings generated upon reading a civic brochure which loosely stated to tourists...don't just visit the concentration camp, come and visit our lovely music conservatory and library!  And so it stands, memorialized forever, the town and the beautiful flowers on the outside, while within are the three watchtowers and the dying.  Please note the title of the piece, "Flowers", is inscribed within the wall.  For in the eye of the artist it is the prisoners who were the true flowers.  Sunlight, reflecting off of the watch-towers, shines on the faces of some of the prisoners.  Perhaps they survived.

Description:         Terra Cotta
Ht. 6.5"    L. 17"       W. 16"      Wt. 10 lbs.


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